This is not “gun violence.”

“gun violence.”  This is not “gun violence.”  These were bad Muslims doing what they think their religion tells them to do.  Kill Christians.  The gun was just one tool they used to kill these poor people.  Read the press release below.

I am sorry for these deaths but to lower the flags?  97 people died yesterday, tomorrow and every day next week from automobiles.  Almost 1,100 per day die of cancer.  Just because this is in the news is why?

From NH1 News, “Jesus is coming soon.” Read the story that the gun man stood over her and just shot her in the leg and not the head.

“A former N.H. resident who survived Wednesday’s mass shooting at a California social services center said she hopes the tragedy will alert people that Jesus is coming soon.”  I hope so.  We need him more now than ever before.

UPDATE: Family of former NH resident injured in San Bernardino shootings says faith saved her.

“CONCORD – President Obama has issued a proclamation ordering the lowering of flags on all public buildings and grounds to half-staff immediately through Monday, December 7, in honor of the victims of the attack in San Bernardino, California. According to the proclamation, flags should return to full-staff at 12:00 a.m. between December 7 and December 8.

Governor Maggie Hassan has issued the following statement:

“I remain horrified by yesterday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino,
California, and I join all Granite Staters in grief with the families and
loved ones of the victims of this despicable attack. With the staggering
number of mass shootings continuing to increase, we cannot stand idly by and must take action to put an end to these senseless acts of gun violence.”

NH Constitutional Carry

NH State Representative John A. Burt

Goffstown, Weare and Deering, NH

July 6, 2015 Veto of SB 116, Constitutional Carry, aka Vermont Carry.

Governor Maggie Hassan vetoed SB 116, a bill that would have eliminated the license requirement to conceal firearms.  She does this two days after Independence day.  This is Government Tyranny at its worst.

I was born and raised in old Vermont.  Vermont is the second safest place in the world and the safest state in this country according to the FBI stats.  VT when it was its own nation and after being the 14th state to join the union has no licensing to carry a gun open or concealed.

How does law enforcement stay safe in VT and the other states that have VT Carry?  They treat every car the same as they walk up to it.  They are more careful and respectful of the Constitution. My VT State trooper friends have told me they want law abiding people to carry.  They told me it makes their job easier.

Sadly Governor Hassan and NH Law enforcement are willing to allow this discrimination to the people of NH which is known as the “Concealed License.”  Why do I have to beg the Government to carry a gun concealed which I do not have to beg the same Government to open carry my gun?  The criminals do not beg the Government.

I am a co-sponsor of HB 582, AN ACT repealing the license requirement for carrying a concealed pistol or revolver. HB 582 was retained in my committee, House Criminal Justice.  I will work hard next year to once again place HB 582 on the Governor’s desk.  I will also work hard to make sure she is not re-elected in 2016.

I want to thank all the groups, House, Senate members, the House Criminal Justice Committee and my Second Amendment friends in VT and NH that helped get SB 40 on the Governor’s desk.  I especially want to thank Representative JR Hoell, Speaker Jasper and the Women’s Defense League.  They help me a lot behind the scenes for the small parts that I worked on.

Fourth Annual Rep. Burt’s Hot Dog Day, June 3, 2015

Fourth Annual Rep. Burt’s Hot Dog Day, June 3, 2015

The wait is nearly over. Hot Dog Day is just around the corner. This year’s sponsoring dog group is the Cocheco Valley Humane Society of Dover. As always, all donations must be made to the sponsor directly. Monetary donations as well as various food items are needed. This year’s hot dogs will be New Hampshire made from North Country Smokehouse. A limited amount of veggie dogs will also be available. If you are willing to make a side dish for the event such as a salad, chili, coleslaw, relish, etc., please contact or via cell phone #289-0792.

Plus the Speakers Ice Cream social will follow Hot Dog day.

Food donations can be dropped off at the arch beginning at 7:45am on the morning of the event-we will supply ice/refrigeration, electricity, and serving spoons. Disposable tins or containers work best if possible.
Monetary donations can be made via check to Cocheco Valley Humane Society, via their web site at: or find them on Facebook. Follow the directions to donate and please put ‘Rep Burt’s Hot Dog Day’ in the description line. In addition, donations can be dropped into receptacles at the event. Event starts at 11:30am to 1:30pm.

This is a free event for all legislators and staff. Donations are appreciated but not mandatory. Please join us on the front lawn for a good time. We have been working hard all year. Now let’s work together for another good cause.

Attached is two of my favorite pictures. One from the Granite State Disc Dogs. They will be there there again this year. Here is the video (click here) of my announcement of Hot Dog day if you missed it. The Speaker even gavels me at minute 1:42. Smile Here is the video of the 2013 Hot Dog day (click here). Start to minute 23:00 is why we have Hot Dog day and minute 23:00 to end is the 2013 Hot Dog day.

Thank you again and lets have some fun on the front lawn of the NH State House,
Representative John A. Burt

Goffstown Voting March 10th, 2015

Click “See More” on the video for more information on the articles.

Here is how I, John Burt will vote on March 10th in Goffstown, NH.

Tax increase of $387.00 on a $250,000 home in Goffstown if all articles pass.

2:00 a quick rundown on how I am voting.

7:10 no Christmas card from Keith Allard.

7:45 Bullet vote Lorry Cloutier School Board.

8:20 vote for Dan Cloutier School Treasurer.

9:40 why your taxes could go up $2,000.00.  Over the next 5 years.

12:50 article 13. You neighbor puts solar panels on their house and you will help pay “their” property taxes.


16:20 article 15.  Should the town go from a town administrator to a town manager?  I am voting NO.  Watch all the below clips.

17:50 Rod Stark.

20:35 Jo Ann Duffy.

23:25 Dan Cloutier.

27:10 Barbara Griffin.

30:40 Barbara Griffin and Nick Campasano.

35:00 Jo Ann Duffy.

37:10 Jo Ann Duffy.

38:20 Dan Cloutier.

40:45 do not like what I say?  Start your own show.

41:45 school elections and budget.

45:00 article 2.

48:10 to 54:45 article 3 to 15 with a little talk on each.


Copy and paste if you would like to bring a copy of how I am voting March 10th from 7am to 7pm.

Town side, Zoning Board, Cathy Champagne

Articles 2, 6 (town budget), 7, 8, 9, 11,12,13,15 I will vote NO.

Articles 3,4,5,10 I will vote Yes.

Articles 14 vote your conscience.


School side, Lorry Cloutier school board.

Dan Cloutier School Treasurer.

Article 2 School budget.  NO


Here is a link to the town ballot.


Town and school voter guide that the town and school slants their way.


Town Deliberative session.  Start at hour 1:07 for article 13.

Article 15 starts are hour 1:30.

I just won my 2016 reelection today at Governor Hassan’s Budget Address

The Governor wants to raise your car registration like the Democrats did in 2010.  That was the straw that broke the tax payers back.  She wants to throw Gramma off the cliff with a $7 million dollar cut to the nursing homes yet give $4 million to her friends to study a train in Nashua.

Governor, which meal should Gramma skip every week to pay for this nursing home cut?

Increase in the boat tax, $0.21 cigarette tax increase and best of all.  Listen to this.  The Department heads wants huge increases in their budgets and the Governor said no.  She allowed many to increase their budget but not to their “wish list” budget and the Governor said that was a decrease in the budget.

So this is how they do it.  Say the current budget is $50 million in X department.  X department want $75 million next year.  Governor says no and gives them $65 million and that is a tax cut.  Now that is some fuzzy math.

BurtNH Political Fund

I had two people over the last few weeks email me and thank me for being a NH State Representative and wanted to donate money to me (see below **). One person was in my district and the other one was not. They were happy with my effort to bring firearms back into the State House chamber. Also my work behind the scenes on the Roll Call change that the House rules committee wanted. The House rules committee wanted to change the numbers of a Roll Call second from 10 members to 20 members which would have kept some votes from being recorded.

** I love the NH ethics that your elected officials have to live by. So when someone wanted to donate to me I inquired if it was allowed. I was told it is allowed as long as I do not use any of the money for personal use. I was told as long as I report to the NH SOS office of the donation and where the money goes I will be fine. That I will do.

The reason I am asking for donations are, I get invited to many events and sometimes they cost money. My wife and I make huge sacrifices for me being a NH State Representative. I cannot go to many of these events and being a NH State Representative I should be there. Also I would like to hold a few town hall meetings and this will help with the cost of those.

I am also thinking about a run for the NH Senate in 2016 or 2018 and these funds would help to see if that is a possibility.

You can donate by using the Paypal BurtNH Political Fund button below or sending a check to BurtNH, 7 Bay Street Goffstown, NH 03045.

Thank you for all your past help as I cannot be a NH State Representative without several things, my wife’s love and support, the voters, God and you for your past and future support.

NH State Representative John Burt
Goffstown, Weare and Deering

Secret voting at the NH House

A vote that is coming to the NH House of Representatives on January 7th 2015 will not serve the citizens of NH. The main reason for this is to have votes in the House chamber that will not be recorded for you the voter to see which side your local State Rep stands on. Many State Reps hate Roll Calls as it puts them on the record and sadly many do not want you to know how they vote on some issues.

The new rule change that will be voted on that day will force members that call for a Roll Call to have 20 other Representatives stand and second the Roll Call. With the current rule when a Representative yells Roll Call only 10 other Representatives stand and second the Roll Call. Then all Representatives that vote will be recorded.

Please e-mail or call your State Representative and tell them to vote no on this rule change as you believe in Government transparency. To find your local Representative click here or e-mail all the Representative with one e-mail address,

Thank you for your time and please help,
NH Representative John A. Burt
Goffstown, Weare and Deering,

NO more Secret Voting in the NH House of Representatives.

I will need real help on this one. From all of you.

I have filed a bill at the NH State House on December 4th that there will be NO more Secret Voting in the House of Representatives once we take the oath of office.

I am already getting huge push backs. WHY? Why would I get push back on a bill to protect the citizens of NH by keeping Government open and transparent? The citizens of NH has the Right To Know Law and with that should be NO secret voting as the Democrats and a few Republicans pulled off the other day.

The bill is simple, NO secret voting once we take the oath of office. That is it. If the members all agree they can have a voice vote. That is the way all votes are done while in Session starting in January. But if someone yells Roll Call then the votes are recorded.

Am I wrong with this Bill? Also on this bill I will be calling a Roll Call. You will see which Representative wants transparency in Government and who does not.

This bill only cover the House of Representatives.

Donations needed for victory on November 4th, 2014

Only with your help can I make sure I will be seating in the NH State House representing Goffstown, Weare, Deering, and all of the great State of New Hampshire.

Here is my Pay Pal account or read below for more information.

With just a short time left I want to make sure I am returning to the NH State House.  Please give to my campaign as I need to do ads in the paper and a mailer.  I am running to win as I will work hard once again to bring good things to NH and fight the bad the Democrats wish on to the tax payers.  Like the $0.75 paint tax the House Democrats passed.

Below are a few items that I would like to do.  Please sponsor one or even a part of one.  If you or your business would like to sponsor the full ad and would like your name on the ad I am all for that.  $1,000.00 limit for all donations.

Thanks again and here is my Pay Pal account or you can mail the check made out to BurtNH to Burt NH c/o John Burt, 7 Bay Street, Goffstown, NH 03045.

Weare, NH has 7 individual Routes. Total Delivery Addresses 3596.  Cost $629.30. The cost per mail piece is $0.175.  Plus printing cost.  Approximately $540.00

Deering, NH has 2 Individual Routes.  Total Delivery Addresses 1132.  Cost $198.10.  The cost per mail piece is $0.175.  Plus printing cost.  Approximately $170.00.

Union Leader insert for the paper cost $290.00 just for Goffstown.  Would like two of these.

Thank you once again for the trust you have placed in me to represent the people of Goffstown, Weare, Deering and really the entire State of New Hampshire.  With your help I will work hard the next two years as a New Hampshire State Representative.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to names on my ads. Just in case Ray Buckley, Obama or one of their friends if they have any wishes to jump on this great opportunity.