State Rep Bill O’Brien Interview

Here are the links that I speak of in my interview with Bill.  Click on the below links.

New Hampshire Politics with John Burt interview with State Rep Bill O’Brien.

State LSR’s. Proposed future laws, all House bills.

Here is the link if you have the LSR #. Enter the LSR # in the third box down on the left.

Alex Jones Piers Morgan Part 1    I like Alex at minute 2:08 to 2:55.

Alex Jones Piers Morgan Part 2

House Calendar     Senate Calendar

House Rule 63.  Democrats remove the Second Amendment in Representatives Hall and House Gallery only.  The rest of the State house is Second Amendment friendly.

Here is the full debate on all House rules and House Rule 63.  Start the video and then select which part you want to watch.  Must start video first.

Here is the Burt Amendment.

This was not mentioned in the show.  It is a favorite of mine on why we need the Second Amendment.  Chuck Woolery on why I need my assault rifle.
















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